PUA Palm Reading Routine – Tutorial

pua palm reading

Today we’re going to talk about Palmistry. Bitches love palmistry. I’ve never met a woman that doesn’t love to have her palm read. – Roosh I love the idea behind palmistry and the pua palm reading routine because it gets the women intrigued by you, builds instant rapport and creates a deep emotional connection – something women […]

Stop Masturbating – The Essential Guide for Men

stop masturbating guide

We’ve all been there. You’re alone, maybe you have a computer, maybe you’re phone, maybe you’re just laying in bed. All of a sudden you get that familiar ache in your loins. You reach down, grab a hold of your member and start to jerk your turkey a bit. Self pleasure is a part of the male […]

Translating Tumblr


So I spend a fair amount of time on the TumblrInAction subreddit because it is entertaining as shit. The things these fucking retards on tumblr come up with never ceases to amaze me. So I’ve decided that the best thing I can do for you all here is to share some of my favorites with you, […]