Even though I just set up shop here and no one has had any time to actually ask me questions, I thought it might be wise to set up an FAQ. So here it is.

Are you that same guy?

No. But I did buy this shit off of him.

Is this site going to help me get a new job?

Its going to help you not suck so much.

Is this site going to teach me how to be a man?

No, but it will teach you how to avoid looking like a little bitch.

Can you promise that I’ll get laid and be a certified Big Dick Rick?

No. I can only show you the way, but it’s up to you to walk the path.

Are you going to repost old articles?

When I bought the domain the old content back-ups were thrown in. I deleted them.

Why The Alpha Persona?

Nothing deeply spiritual here. Just a cool domain with some history.

What’s your real name? Can we see your picture?

Nah. I have a really easy job with a local hospital here and I’m not trying to fuck it up. No names, no pictures, no podcasts, no videos.

Then how will we know if you’re legit or not?

Yeah I mean I honestly don’t really give a shit, you know?

No one reads blogs anymore. You can’t expect anyone to be take you seriously until you start a podcast.

Well then I’ll just be over here typing pearls of divine wisdom for those who still care enough to read.