When I started the original Alpha Persona website 6 years ago I had a focus point: My goal was to teach game and pick-up skills to men, and then show how those same skills could be applied to other areas of their lives.

the original Alpha Persona logo
dat original logo tho

The blog was written as a how-to guide with the occasional rant against feminism. The content, largely from my own personal experiences, drew in thousands of readers each day.

I received no less than a dozen emails from men thanking me for saving their marriages, hundreds of questions each day, and more notes than I can recall thanking me for helping someone with confidence issues.

Through that blog I met a lot of great men, such as Tanner Guzy, that I remain good friends with to this day.

The idea of being accountable to my readers, though I was largely anonymous, kept me pushing myself to my own limits. It kept me striving.

Unbeknownst to me, however, there was ruin lurking under the surface. Looking back on that period of my life I can see how little self control I possessed and how emotionally fragile I was.

That would eventually catch up to me and destroy the blog.

And I mean straight nuke that shit from orbit.

Anger and immaturity clouded me.

I knew that there were a lot of men that would just cry and moan and never change. I knew that based on the large (massive) number of unproductive comments I would restrict or delete each day.

I thought these men were emotional children who couldn’t control and direct their energies into improvement.

Little did I know, I was one of them.

I was tired of writing the same things over and over to the same people that just wanted to complain about ‘teh feminizts lolz’. The blog market was getting saturated with kids who didn’t know what they were doing. And clever marketers were barging in, rehashing everyone else’s content, and making shit-tons of money on it.

I let my emotions take control and I took down my blog (along with several other “manosphere” authors in an accidentally coordinated event).

My life has changed.

There have been a lot of changes for me since then. I’ve started, lost, built, and sold companies. I’ve worked minimum wage jobs. I’ve worked high wage jobs. I’ve gotten fit, and I’ve gotten fat.

The two largest changes, though, were a return to my Christian roots, and getting married.

These two things, each leading to the other, have lead me to a place of improvement and growth to purpose.

Before, back in 2011, I was fresh off of a heart break and determined to sleep with as many women as possible. My motivation for improvement was cold and mathematical, and I largely succeeded.

Some of you may think this is awesome, and some of you may think its despicable, but when I recount that period of my life I cannot honestly remember how many women I slept with. It wasn’t some extreme number in the hundreds, but it was enough that I lost count.

And while it was pretty fun, it ended up being empty. My motivation for growth had no purpose beyond getting my dick wet.

To that end, the growth I experienced was limited and only resulted in the outward facing and necessary areas improving.

I wasn’t growing as a whole man. There were situations that frequently made me feel like a child. I even had a case of what I suppose could be considered “Catholic guilt” (despite not being Catholic), frequently feeling nervous and paranoid.

I spent most of my days being nervous, insecure, and unsure of myself. I would pass time doing what I was comfortable doing (flirting) until I could get to a bar and do what I loved (flirting professionally).

While my goal was to teach men how to be dominate and comfortable in every area of my life, there were large swathes of my existence where that simply didn’t work for me. Though I was good at faking confidence, I wasn’t truly confident in myself.

I attribute this failing to my limited growth. Sure, I was good at start a conversation with someone. I was good at controlling an interaction. And I was really good at making women (specifically) laugh.

But I wasn’t good at empathizing. I had little self control where it mattered, and people generally didn’t view me as a leader.

The few skills I had developed for being an alpha male quickly fell through under the scrutiny of marriage. It’s easy being large and in charge for a night out at a bar, or even for a weekend with a girl.

But try keeping it up day in and day out for years on end.

Try to keep the game going when you haven’t let real confidence get ingrained in your core. When the culmination of your cultivation is revealed to be shallow and overly specific.

Real growth requires purpose.

I thought I was growing as a man, but I wasn’t . Not truly. While I was growing three-dimensionally in some areas of my life, other areas were left void, stagnate, or were only growing in two dimensions.

Some of you will correctly note that I have popped up on a few different blogs over the last six years and eventually gave them all up. It’s because I was still stuck in a stagnate, growthless life, trying to relive a past success in the present.

I wanted to change every life but my own. This resulted in frustration, apathy, and failure.

I’ve come to realize that this is because real growth requires real purpose.

And “banging sluts” isn’t real purpose.

My wife showed me that. I owe her a debt for showing me that being a real man, being good at being a man, means more than being cocky at a bar and having quips.

Being a leader and building leaders is a real purpose.

Christ showed me that. The one thing Jesus did on this earth better than any who came before or have come since is build leaders out of men. He took twelve poor, hated, and otherwise ordinary men and turned them into a world changing force.

We Need Leaders

We’re reaching a societal tipping point, if you haven’t noticed. Agendas are on full display these days. The feminist offense culture that we used to mock has taken the reigns.

Those 16 year old tumblrettes with made-up genders now work in human resources. They’re now speakers and thought-leaders.

We’re entering an age where men are being actively stripped of masculinity.

Raw and unrestrained masculinity leads to fear in our society. People are equating unrestrained men with unrestrained masculinity. They believe that limiting one will limit the other.

We need now, more than ever, to create leaders. That’s what I aim to do.

The world needs men who can and will stand up for themselves. Who can and will stand up for what is right.

We need confident, unmovable, unshakable men. Men who have complete mastery over themselves and over their lives.


This domain name was the first one I blogged under. It served a great purpose and filled me with a powerful energy. It still does.

I let it lapse once, and it was purchased by someone else with the goal of selling it. I ended up buying it again in 2014 and just putting up the same old content. It lapsed again – because it lacked purpose – and has been in the hands of various domain brokers for years.

Finally, in March of this year (2018), I was able to buy this domain back.

It’s fitting, really. My original purpose with the blog was to teach men how to be confident. To act like alpha males.

My goal now is to craft men into leaders. To make them alpha males.

What to expect.

The dating stuff will still come up, obviously. I still very much enjoy the content and ideas. But marriage stuff will also come up.

We’ll take a look at finances and health, as well. Building good habits with money and fitness. We’ll also have articles focused on spirituality and emotional stability and growth.

My aim is to make this website an invaluable resource for men. We’re going to grow together, encourage each other, and build leaders by being complete men.

I don’t want to foster or encourage only a partial growth in you, but a total growth in every area.

There will be a diversity of content.

Gone are the days of 500 word blog posts about why buying a girl drink makes you a sucker.

My goals are more ambitious, your needs are greater, and my content should reflect that. Expect the written posts to be longer in form than they used to be.

Video will be coming.

I’ll be setting up a YouTube channel and putting out video content for you. Whenever I’m able, I’ll make videos to accompany written posts.

A podcast is already in the works.

You’ll be able to get audio to listen to in the car or at the gym – because nothing helps you push hard and throw iron like some guy talking about The Friendzone.

Dramatic social content.

Fuck facebook – I won’t be having one of those. I also won’t have a twitter because I’m pretty sure I’d get banned broke down and got a twitter. Let’s see how long I last before a ban. I will look into alternative platforms, such as Gab.ai, and I’ll be on Instagram.

There will be a diversity of viewpoints.

While I’m the only writer currently, I will accept guest posts. In the future, other writers will be a welcome addition. I’m already in the process of lining up people to be in the videos and on the podcasts.

If you want to do such a thing, drop me a line.

This site will be for men.

And primarily for men in their 20s and 30s. The site is, as you can see, launched in April. I myself turn 30 this month and thought it a fitting time to rebuild and renew my purpose.

This isn’t to say that women aren’t valuable, can’t be leaders, or whatever else you want to read into it. I’m also not saying that men older than my target, or younger than my target, don’t have anything to contribute.

I just can’t write for you.

I’ll never be able to write for women, to help women grow, or to turn women into leaders, because I’m not a woman. Likewise, I can’t write for older men because I don’t have the experience.

And while younger men are welcome to join on the journey as early as they want, I’m expecting my audience to have a degree of independence that most 16 year old boys lack.

I can only write what I know, and grow men where I have grown. That, by necessity, limits my audience.

With an eye towards the future.

I’m excited about this! I’m very excited to get everything off the ground and I’m working hard to restrain myself from pushing up my “live” date to before April first.

But it is worth it. Doing things the right way, even if its slower than we’d like, is better than rushing in half-cocked.

I look forward to seeing your comments and engaging with you all again!

I’ll see you in my next post – which will be about celebrating palm Sunday.

Until then,


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