Another week, another weird, leftist cream dream. The University of Texas at Austin has created a new program called “MasculinUT” – a clever play on the word ‘masculinity’ with the university’s initials – devoted to “expanding the definition of Masculinity.”

This is being praised by leftists, who are excited over nothing, and being excoriated by rightists, who are freaking out over nothing.

Let’s take a look at the program itself. In the words of Jezebel – a fake ‘magazine’ for angry, fat women – the program aims to “expand the definition of masculinity”:

The University of Texas at Austin has launched a new program, dubbed MasculinUT, to help expand definitions of masculinity on campus. Part of the project has been a poster campaign featuring images of students with messages suggesting that you can cry, be queer, put on makeup, or treat women with respect and—imagine this—still be masculine.

So, here’s the thing about that…

This is something I have to explain to people all the time: Words mean things. And those meanings only count if we all know what those meanings are.

I had this talk with a coworker of mine who is a self-proclaimed “black activist” and “fighter for social justice”. She’s a great girl, but she doesn’t understand that we all have to agree on what words mean in order to have a conversation.

She asked me one day, “Why do white people freak out when I say all white people are racist?”

So I took a minute to talk to her about racism, and what it means to her. The thing is, racism to a lot of these social justice types doesn’t mean what it means to the rest of the world.

When you think of racism, you imagine someone shouting the n-word and lynching people. You imagine violent, malicious, Hitler-esque hate.

When SJW types say racism, they often just mean really subtle things – even positive things! Like a white guy that only finds black women sexually attractive. They would say that he’s “fetishizing black women”, and that is therefore racist.

To them, racism is simply saying “All X are Y“. Or something about prejudice and systemic power. I dunno. But it isn’t what you think it is.

That makes conversation very hard!

We see this same concept rear it’s ugly head when we discuss religion with people. I’ve often gone around and around for hours with my Mormon friends on the finer points of – what I thought was – our shared faith in Christ.

I bring up Mormons specifically, because their words have such radically different meanings that I will often hear them agree with my point, then immediately refute it.

Once I realized what their definitions were, and how they differed from mine, I realized that they were never agreeing with me, or refuting me. It turns out we were having two completely different conversations.

As an aside: If you want a proof of this concept for yourself, ask a Protestant, a Catholic, and a Mormon to define the Grace of Christ in plain English – not using church words. You’ll get 3 different answers (and probably none of them will be correct).

Why you can’t “expand definitions of masculinity”

You can’t just expand the definition of masculinity to include feminine things, like wearing make-up and dresses and shit.

Those things, literally by definition, are not masculine. Just because a man does them doesn’t mean they are suddenly masculine. It means that the man is feminine.

The real debate isn’t about whether or not masculinity or femininity should exist, or what should be defined how. The real debate, I think, is whether or not it’s okay for men to be feminine.

I’m going to go on record and say no, by the way.

To really understand how absurd this concept is, let’s do it with a different word.

What does love mean?

Love is when you care deeply about someone and want the best for them, like your friends.

But love is also an emotional attachment to someone that you have sexual congress with.

Love is also how you feel towards people that are hateful to you, but you don’t wish them any ill will. Instead you feel bad that they’re so hateful, you wish they would change and be better. That’s love.

But love can also be when someone is suffering, so you mercifully end their life. That’s love.

Or when someone cuts you off in traffic, and you get so mad you shout at them and run them off the road – that’s just “tough love”, teaching them.

If you’re into changing up and expanding definitions of words, you can twist just about anything to fit into the notion of something else.

But words don’t work like that.

It’s important that we all know what words mean and that we all agree on what words mean. If we don’t, then we can’t have a conversation because no one knows the rules, and we’ll all talk around each other.

These sorts of conversations don’t lead to change, they just lead to frustration, confusion, and anger.

Much Ado About Nothing

The truth is, everyone is freaking out about nothing at all. The people on the right, like Rush Limbaugh, are too old and stuck to realize that this kind of shit goes on at universities all the time and results in nothing but bad PR.

Likewise, the left has yet to realize virtue in the old words:

Boys Will Be Boys

There is something that can never be taught out of boys. Something genetic. Something hormonal and natural. Most boys, despite childish female input, will still grow to be men. They may end up being a little soft, and a little soy, but will be men nonetheless.

Nothing can change that. There is far more nature involved here than nurture.

And as much as the left wants to change our nature, they cannot.  We are as God created us, and so we always will be.

A Quiet Masculine Revolution is Brewing.

And while leftist and universities are doing their damnedest to neuter every man they can find, there is a quiet masculine resurgence brewing.

I’m not talking about “Art of Manliness”, let’s all grow beards and learn how to change our own oil bullshit, either. I mean real masculinity. Virility. Men how we should be.

Just take a look at Jack Donovan and the way he’s leading the charge:

Jack is building a tribe of men around himself and disconnecting as much as possible from society and modernity.

He’s creating and forging the masculinity that he wants to see. He’s leading the charge for a whole generation of men that understand the importance of tribalism and challenge.

:X: EXCHANGE. Manifesting your own potential as a man requires pressure. When that pressure doesn’t come from the outside world, you have to seek it out or find it within your own circle. That pressure becomes a gift. I write a lot about becoming the higher version of yourself, but another aspect of masculinity is giving that gift. Mentoring and invoking that solar fire in the men around you. . :S: . Over the past couple of years I have been working with my brother @cascadianwarboy and watching that fire rise in him has been a source of great joy for me. He’s getting good enough in boxing now that he can give me pressure back, and make me better, making that exchange reciprocal. . It’s a simple reality that, with continued training and all other things remaining equal, because of the difference in our ages, the day will come when he will be able to beat me. At first just occasionally, and that will be fun. And then, eventually, he will always be able to beat me. I started late in life so if I am doing my job right and he wants to be better than I have ever or could ever be, that is possible. . That’s the grim destiny of that exchange. You keep giving a man power until they have enough power to take that power and crush you with it. . That’s the circle of life. It does bring to mind gory videos of lions castrating an aging alpha, as well as persistent mythological themes of patricide. But maybe that’s just what happens when you reign like a tyrant. When you stop giving and start blocking that growth to protect yourself. . There is another way seems to be healthier — though of course I would say that! Men in my circles talk a lot about respecting our ancestors — the giants whose shoulders they stand on. Honoring them and building on their legacy. Creating a great line. Bloodlines are only one way of doing this. When you look at military organizations and older men’s organizations you see a pride in the history and legacy of great men who have also been initiated into that group, and a desire by men in that group to tell their stories and keep their legacy alive. (More in comments) #mentor #gebo #runes #pagan #boxing #sparring #heathen #masculinity #sig #sowilo

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At the end of the day, there is nothing to worry about with this feminist push for the end of Masculinity as we know it, because men are men. Boys will be boys.

Some will be lead astray, but most will find their way home, and the select few like Jack are preparing today to lead them there tomorrow.

The best thing you can do to combat this sort of nonsense isn’t to shout on your podcast or tweet right leaning articles to your friends on MySpace.

The best thing you can do is get good. Be a man yourself, be firm in your beliefs, and stand strong in your own masculinity.

Being male was thrust upon you, but now it’s up to you to make a choice to be a man.

Masculinity Is a Choice – Jack Donovan Talk

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