Inner Game


Having other people perceive you as an Alpha Male is 10% your body language, verbal cues, and how you present yourself.

The other 90% is what you think when you look in the mirror.

“Inner Game” is a huge part of the Pick-up community, if you haven’t noticed already. A lot of blogs dedicate entire series of posts to it, Style has seminars for it, a good portion of Mystery Method is devoted to it, and Roosh talks about it on both is blog and in his message boards. If you don’t have strong inner game, or self confidence, it doesn’t matter how well you dress, how perfect your body language is, how good you are at non-verbal constraints, or how masculine the rhythm and timbre of your voice are - you will not be perceived as alpha.

You could follow all of my handshake guidelines, lock yourself in a gym for a year until you’re Captain Beef-Tits, and still come out of every social situation an emasculated bitch - laughed at by every woman you meet - if you don’t have your Inner Game on lock.

How do you master your Inner Game?

Well here is a little something to get you started:

Stand in front of a mirror, correct your posture, stand contrapposto, and hold your chin slightly up - a bit higher than level. Here’s why: Standing in front of a mirror makes it easier to absorb the exercise you’re about to perform and retain the truths in it. Holding yourself with proper, erect posture and seeing yourself that way will make you feel and look like a man. Holding your chin up will give you a feeling of authority and - when you see yourself you will feel empowered and authoritative.

Now, say the following out loud, slowly, and with a fun smile in your face:

You are in charge. You are warm, friendly, and the man everyone wants to be. You are the life of the party. Everyone is there to please you, they are seeking your approval. You are confident, strong, masculine. You are funny, talented, exciting. Men desire to emulate you, and women desire to sleep with you. People want your approval. People want to talk to you. People listen when you speak. Everyone wants to hear what you have to say. When in public, people recognize your power and command in situations. They look to you to be the natural leader of the group. This is the order of things. You were born an Alpha Male, and born to lead others. You do this confidently, easily, and naturally.

Now repeat this to yourself several times. Maintain eye contact with your reflection. Keep your hand motions low and controlled. You will begin to feel yourself come into control - maintain this frame. Once you get out into a social situation, be sure to keep repeating the mantra to yourself. Everyone will be testing your frame, trying to see whether or not you’re really in charge or if you’ll just fold and give in to their frame. Do not. Repeat the mantra. Maintain your frame.

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger!

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