The ALA Principle


Today we’re going to discuss The ALA Principle. This is something that you will find helps tremendously with all aspects of your game, including your inner game.

The ALA Principle is simply this: Always Look Awesome.

Now I’m not saying you should go to Express Men and buy up the newest and latest clothes and look like a champ - because that’s a quick way to end up looking like a chump.

In fact, I’m not talking about clothes at all.

You should Always Look Awesome when you’re sitting, or standing; walking or talking; dancing or laughing. The ALA Principle refers specifically to posture and your movements.

This is a big point for me because I can be very demonstrative, and when I quit thinking and get in a hurry I have a slightly feminine gait. Its nothing to be ashamed of because anything can be worked out with a bit of practice and concentration. All habits are learned - so unlearn the bad ones and learn the good ones.

For me, correcting my walk was as easy as slowing down. When you walk slower you come off as more masculine, and more aloof, and more in control of yourself.

I was talking to a female friend of mine about what she considers to be alpha characteristics and she gave the following insight:

The walk isn’t about their chest or swagger, people have an interpretation in their head about what a ‘tough guy walk’ is like… and when they walk like that I think people can sense red flags. For example: guys outside of bars do this thing where it looks like they’re carrying two suitcases… I immediately think of insecurity (and fear). [editor’s note: Betas, every time. Probably wearing a solid color v-neck 3 sizes too small t, skinny jeans, and chucks.]

So, giving off an ‘in control’ vibe when you walk is to do exactly that. Taking controlled, measured steps and moving slowly and deliberately– to me that displays confidence and a strong sense of awareness/ self-control. That this person knows their way around themselves and so: is potentially dangerous, calculated, and possibly only showing what he wants us to see.*

She noted that when someone who is considered an Alpha Male walks, it isn’t so much about what they let you see, but what they’re hiding.

You see, Betas have to strive to get recognition, so they walk with that meat-head muscle walk (the suit-case analogy nails it). They have to show people with their stride that they’re so buff its laborious.

Alphas walk in a calm and reserved manner that makes you wonder what strength they’re hiding. They don’t feel the need to impress everyone with their strength. Its, in fact, quite the opposite - they feel the need to hide their strength.

You’ll find that if you walk at an exaggeratedly slow rate, you’ll appear more masculine. Keep your arms by your sides, hands turned in (a lot of people tend to keep their palms facing backwards, swinging their arms like a doofus. Don’t do this), and measure all of your movements. Be slow and purposeful.

This makes you look strong because you’re working to hold back. It makes you look aloof because clearly you’re in no hurry; you’ll get there when you get there, fuck it.

Another way to Always Look Awesome is to make sure when you’re standing still, you’re standing Contrapposto. Think: Statue of David.

The David, Contrapposto

Contrapposto is the way most early sculptors had their figures stand, and it literally means “counter-positioned.” It gives off an indifferent, confident and masculine feel.

The basic way to make sure you’re standing contrapposto is to ask yourself if your hips and shoulders are facing the same way. Have your weight about sixty-forty, with one leg straight and the other at an angle with the knee slightly bent.

The straight leg should be facing the same direction as your hips, and your shoulders should face the same way as the other leg. Let your arm on the straight side hang, loose and relaxed. The other arm is where you’ll hold your drink, waist level (think James Bond).

Pro-Tip: One hand should always be hanging. If you don’t have a drink and don’t know what to do with your other hand, rest it on your thigh, over your pocket, gently. It will be slightly awkward feeling at first, but its much better than sticking your hands in your pockets. Hiding your hands is a submissive posture - you want to avoid that.

Again, my friend said:

I guess it’s how you stand too… Relaxed/alert all at once.

The perfect definition of someone standing Contrapposto.

Lastly we have sitting. When you sit you should emulate Contrapposto as well. Its not hard to do, and in fact I’ve already defined it once.

You should always sit like a king. Spread your legs like you want everyone to see your nuts. If you can rest your foot on something slightly lower than or directly at seat level, do that. One leg should be outstretched, and other foot should be under your knee. Your hips will face in the direction your legs are opening.

For example, if your right leg is outstretched, your hips are facing left because that’s the direction to which you’re exposing your nuts.

To emulate Contrapposto while sitting, make sure your shoulders face the other direction. Have your hand resting on the knee of the tucked in leg, and have the arm on the outstretched side resting close to your hip.

This makes sure that your shoulders are facing counter-positioned to your hips. You should have one leg outstretched, and the opposite side arm outstretched.

Crossing your legs is also acceptable if you make sure, once again, you keep your shoulders facing off-center of your hips. Most importantly, remember to be relaxed and confident because that will do more for your body language than any tips I’ve given here.

If you have a problem with your posture, look into The Alexander Technique. Also keep in mind that these aren’t rules set in stone, just general suggestions to help you give off a certain vibe.

Its not so much the exact techniques listed here that work to your advantage, but how they will make you feel: confident, relaxed, and in control. The most important thing is that you feel confident, relaxed, and in control - if you feel that way you will give off the proper signals and vibes.

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