Walk Like A Man


How would you describe your walk? Is it at a quick pace like you’re going somewhere, or you’ve always got something pressing to do? Or do you walk casually and relaxed, like you’re on a fun date or family outing? Maybe you’re the guy that always walks like he’s carrying two suit cases?

A better question is: How would you describe the walk of an alpha male? Well lets start with posture.

An alpha male’s posture is laid back and relaxed. I would never describe alpha male posture as up tight - but rather as always relaxed.

As an alpha male you are a man who is comfortable in his surroundings because you are in control of your surroundings. How comfortable would you look and feel in your own room? That is how comfortable you should look and feel everywhere. Stand up straight, hold your shoulders back, and keep your chin up.

Roissy said once that when you walk, you should walk with your nuts. He’s right! As you pull your shoulders back, you should put your hips slightly forward so that you can walk forward with your balls.

Imagine with every step you take that your balls are moving in concert with your legs. It sounds silly, but it helps to visualize what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

The next thing you need to consider with your walk is your eyes. Where are you looking when you walk? You should be looking forward.

Looking down is submissive, and looking up is evasive. Looking around makes you look cowardly - too scared to look at any one thing for too long out of fear that you’ll offend some angry passer-by.

Always look at your destination. Always. Are you going into a bar? Look at the door. Once inside, scan for the place you want to sit, look at that area and move towards it.

Look at the building you’re walking to. If you can’t see it, you should be looking in its direction. Always keep your gaze forward when you walk.

When you walk by other people lock eyes with them. Smile! Don’t look like you’re going to hit them or anything, but don’t be afraid to hold eye contact with a stranger.

It displays social dominance, frame control, and self-confidence. No one is going to fight you over it, but it will make you feel better about yourself.

I was with a lady friend the other day and we were walking through the mall (because I hate myself and wanted to subject myself to the torture that is mall-walking with a woman) and she made this comment:

“You don’t get out of people’s way."


“I mean, they get out of your way. Everyone always steps out of your way, and then apologizes."

When you walk with confidence and authority, with purpose, people will get out of your way. You know you’re doing it right and walking like a man when other people feel like they’re in the way.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I ran into anyone - but I can remember a few times this week alone when other people have run into me.

Finally, and I’m sure I’ve covered this somewhere: Slow your ass down!

Walking slowly is pretty integral to the whole “man-walk” thing. It keeps you focused on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and the vibes you give off.

Make sure that you slow down your walk, and measure your steps. You shouldn’t be speed walking anywhere, or trying to get somewhere on time - you should be trying to enjoy your journey to that place.

Enjoy the walk to wherever you’re going, because its so rare that we walk long distances nowadays. A good measure for how fast you should be walking is the people around: If you’re passing them then slow down a lot; if you’re going the same pace as them, cut it back just a hair.

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