A young reader emailed me soon after my very first post:

Hey man just read your story on your purpose and the trouble you went through to get there, I feel the same way! I’m 20 years old and at a tipping point myself, I got tired of the low energy ranting and “banging sluts” after a year or two, there comes a point when you realize how much of it’s taking away from a real mission, something that will shape the world. It’s now quite clear that we as leaders need to show other men the way, through example. You have more experience than me, I was wondering what you recommend for me to do/start?

Thanks for taking the time to write in, man. I’m glad to see that you’re starting early to make a difference in your life. There are a ton of resources that have helped me out along the way and I’d very much like to let you know about them.

The following is a collection of books, blogs, and lifestyle recommendations that have helped me grow as a man, learn to think critically, and form my own opinions about life and the world around me.

Be warned, though, a lot of these resources require digging, digesting, and thinking. They also won’t always be polite and sensitive to your feelings. Quite a few of the things on this list cost money (I used affiliate links for those when applicable), but none of it is really expensive.

As far as where to start with any of this, I can’t recommend a specific place within this list to start. Start with all of it, or just pick a random thing and consume it and then pick another. It all comes down to you, your free time, and how you learn.

Blogs I recommend

If you’re looking for some good blogs, then I’ve got quite a few here for you to read and enjoy.

  1. Max Panzer – I just found this blog like last week and I obsessively check it every day now. This guy gets it.
  2. Bold And Determined – Victor Pride (real name Nick) gets it. A lot of his stuff is very motivational, and he really does put it all out there for you. You just have to get it to get it. He went through a weird burn out a few years ago and started posting some goofy shit, but lately he’s gotten back on point. And his early stuff is still great.
  3. Ed Latimore

Books You Should Read

Price: $17.99

The 9 Laws by Ivan Throne

This book is amazing. Ivan does such a great job at explaining the dark triad and how to control and reign in your emotions. This book is responsible for me gaining an entirely new perspective and amount of control on my life. It’s worth buying just for the 100 rules that open the book.


Body of a Spartan

Victor Pride’s Body of a Spartan is one of the best books I’ve read on fitness. It’s a no-nonsense guide to getting fit.

Victor teaches you in depth – with tons of explanations and pictures – how to perform various workouts to efficiency to gain the body you want.

Victor also includes bonuses that teach you how to build your chest and even a nutrition guide. Pretty awesome book that will get you into a solid workout routine.

The Power of Habit

I’m currently listening to this book on Audible and I have to say it is pretty powerful stuff. It is amazing how much habit impacts and directs our lives, and yet we are so oblivious to it.

The good news is, as Duhigg explains in the book, you can become aware of your habits. And once you’re aware of them, you can change them.

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I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Price: $7.69
Was: $13.95

Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich is an amazing personal finance book and a must read for literally everyone. This book is a fun and insightful finance book that is unlike any other you’ve seen before.

Ramit takes you through getting out of debt, how to set up a retirement account, how to structure your savings, and how to automate your monthly budget so that you can spend “extra” money without any worry.

My Life And Work

Henry Ford’s book My Life And Work is pretty awesome as far as autobiographies go! Ford explains how he came up with the assembly line concept and explains his vision for industry in America.

Ford shows how you can reasonably lower production cost and your price point, and still turn a heavy profit through volume sales. He has great points on the power of customer service and providing excellent quality to retain faithful buyers.

This book is really amazing right up until the last chapter, when he goes on this weird rant about the Jews.

30 Days of Discipline

Again, Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline is a must have for any man looking to get the most out of life.

I make a point, to at least one month a year, go through the 30 days of discipline program. It is a life changing course that will really open your eyes to your own potential.

It’s 30 days of getting your ass kicked and using your own grit to muscle through. A great place to start if you’re looking to build good habits.

The 10x Rule

Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule is another one of those business books that will change your life. Grant shifts your perspective on work by shifting your idea of how much work will be involved to achieve an expected result.

Think 5 cold calls will be enough to generate business for the day? Do 50 instead. Think approaching 100 girls will land you a nice and full pipeline for the week? Approach 1,000.

If you want massive results you need to take massive action.

As A Man Thinketh

As A Man Thinketh is a short essay written by James Allen that – once again – covers the topic of habit and mindset as it relates to life and action.

Basically, Allen postulates that whatever you think the most about is what you will end up doing. Your thoughts result in beliefs, and your beliefs will result in action if given the opportunity.

General Recommendations

When it comes to lifestyle I am going to strongly recommend that you drink alcohol as little as possible. You should always keep your mind and your wits about you.

Drinking too much clouds your mind, corrupts your judgement, makes you fat, and can result in you making life-destroying decisions, such as drunk driving. It just isn’t worth it.

Along with that, I would recommend you always and in every situation avoid drug use. Hard drugs are incredibly addictive and have no real benefits. They are hard on your body and warp your mind.

Even so called “recreational” drugs serve no purpose but to destroy your mind and perception of reality.

People that smoke weed will disagree with me. They will say that it calms you down, has medical benefits, and all sorts of other things. These are excuses that lazy, addicted losers make for being lazy, addicted losers. Just avoid it.

I also highly recommend that you stop masturbating and watching pornography. Porn warps your ideas about sexuality and improperly distorts your expectations and views of women.

A mind under the influence of pornography is also usually very grossly sexual and crass in odd and off-putting ways. You may not think you’re off-puttingly vulgar, but you are.

Your views of women will also become incredibly distorted with pornography use. Guys that are hooked on porn are the worst about viewing woman as objects instead of people. Even the whitest of knights, when addicted to porn, sees women as nothing more than sex receptacles.

And I’ve not even scratched the surface! There are tons of negative mental, physical, and emotional consequences of habitual pornography and masturbation use. I’ve got a post tomorrow on how you can eliminate masturbation, and I’m working on a porn cessation program.

Until then, just know it’s best to stop.

I hope this list helps you and helps other men who may come across it!

Feel free to share this around and leave suggestions and your own recommendations in the comments! I’ll be adding this post to the navigation bar and expanding it as necessary!

2 Replies to “Recommended Resources For Men

  1. You’re a legend man! Appreciate the value you’re providing, I hope guys younger than me find your content, it’s life changing.

    [If you share it, they will come.]

    The 10x rule is great, I found something very similar it’s called “Bounce” by Matthew Syed
    If you like listening instead of reading get the kindle narration version on amazon, they don’t have audiobook for some reason (even though it’s the exact same thing)

    If you’ve ever wondered what separates people that “get it” and people that don’t in terms of skill and wit, this book is a must read!

    It’s also incredibly valuable if you’ve ever scratched your head thinking about what dynamics CREATE child prodigies like Mozart.
    Hint; it’s not genetics, this can be done by ANYONE. [Will #6 shock me?]
    In fact, one guy even convinced a woman to marry him strictly for an experiment to create child prodigies, they went on to create THREE of the BEST IN THE WORLD in their field.
    [You should get into copywriting. Seriously.]
    – Zacheriah

    1. Thanks for the love! And thanks for being the first person to post a comment. Reach out if you ever need anything.

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