Last week there were rumors flying that Ryan Reynolds and his wife – the incredibly hot Blake Lively – were headed for divorced. These rumors were quickly debunked, however, and Ryan himself tweeted that he wished they were true, as he could use some alone time.

But this tweet, really, illustrates why Blake Lively is never going to leave Ryan Reynolds.

To wit: My man is alpha as fuck.

Ryan Reynolds: Alpha Male.

It takes a massive amount of frame control to even get a chick like Blake Lively, whom I think we can all agree is a solid 7.4.

Elbows are too pointy, 2/10 WNB

Let’s take a look at some of the things that Ryan does to assert his alpha male frame in his relationship and interactions with his wife.

He displays his ownership of her body.

If you look at pictures and watch interviews with Ryan, Blake, or the both of them, you’ll see something about Ryan and the way he is with her: He handles her.

Whenever they’re out in public, he puts his hands on her like he owns her. While women are fierce and independent, and probably don’t need no man (u git ’em, grrl), they still want to be dominated.

They want to know that they belong to their man. In a woman’s eyes, a man without control isn’t really a man at all.

I took a second to Google some pictures of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively made a collage for you to inspect.

Notice his hand placement and her hand placement.

Whenever they’re together in public he makes sure he is leading her. The way they touch each other is openly sexual. His hand is always comfortably resting on her ass, and she enjoys it! Her hands are usually feeling him up in some way or another.

They have a lot of sexual magnetism together and you can see it. They find each other very attractive, and always look like they’re moments away from finding a broom closet for a quick fuck.

Boobs are too nice. 2/10 WNB.

I’m also willing to bet that when they do make it to that broom closet / the shower / the kitchen counter, he gives her a good, hard man-fucking. When you have that much visible sexual chemistry, and you’re both that hot, you – by necessity – have to have savage animal sex. I’m pretty sure it’s a law.

He isn’t afraid to tease.

I’ve got a post coming up about teasing and how important it is to a healthy marriage and a healthy relationship. If you can’t wait for the post and you need to know how to tease your woman immediately, then I suggest you watch Ryan Reynolds.

The man is a master of the playful tease. And he and his wife go at it all the time. What’s more, she isn’t afraid or hurt by his teasing, and often gives it back.

The couple is famous for their hilarious Twitter jokes. Ryan isn’t afraid to post unflattering pictures of his wife, and she responds in kind without missing a beat. They have a fun and healthy relationship.

This leads us to a very important aspect of playful teasing:

He makes her laugh

Ryan is able to make Blake laugh. If you look at those pictures up there you’ll notice that her smiles are not usually “Hollywood Smiles”, but that she’s genuinely laughing. But of course she is, because Ryan has a very sharp wit and he’s very clever.

It’s important that he makes her laugh because the body is a closed circuit system. A lot of game and self development in general (even the core of Christianity) focuses on your inner-monologue and beliefs.

If you believe wrong, you live wrong. And if you live wrong you believe wrong. This applies to most every emotion, feeling, and action you take with your body. The more x you feel, the more x you become, and vice versa.

It’s because the lizard brain that controls your feelings isn’t very intelligent, and only really acts on instinct.

It plays out in this way: Your brain is programmed to know that if you’re happy, you will smile. So what is your brain to do when the input is the expected output?

If you’re smiling, your brain will assume you’re happy. It will assume that because it knows that happy = smile. And if happy = smile, then smile must = happy.

Ryan is funny and makes Blake laugh a lot. Because he makes her laugh, he’s making her smile. Her brain interprets this as him making her happy.

He’s always been this way.

A lot of people think that quippy, funny Ryan Reynolds is because of his wildly successful brand of humor in DeadPool (great movie, 10/10) and that before the movie he was regular guy. That’s not true at all! In fact, such a drastic shift in personality would have likely fractured his relationship with Blake and caused irreparable damage.

If you go back and watch old interviews with Ryan Reynolds from years ago, you can see that his “DeadPool” sense of humor has always been around.

He’s pretty hot (no homo)

Here’s a rule fellas, write it down: You need to be at least as attractive as she thinks she is.

If she’s an 8 and she knows it, you need to be on your game with your looks. Dress well, keep yourself presentable, live in the gym, etc.

If she’s an 8 but has self-esteem issues and thinks she’s a six, you may be able to get away with less work, but you still need to at least match her perceived level of herself.

Ryan does that. The guy looks good.

He has options.

Add on to that his constant triggering of her pre-selection instinct and you’ve got game gold.

His first marriage was to Scarlett Johansson, for crying out loud.

Emily VanCamp wore it better.

Not to mention the hundreds of dirty DMs I’m sure he gets each day from thirsty women all over the country who think they’re hot enough to get his attention.

This causes a decent amount of fear and dread for Lively, I’m sure, who is keenly aware that he can get a woman just as hot as her at the drop of a hat. After all, she replaced Scarlett Johansson in his life.

Having options is good for you as a man in relationship because you know you will always be able to go somewhere. You aren’t locked in with no choices to you. You aren’t controlled.

This is good for women, too, because they hate men that they completely control (unless its a weird sex thing, I guess?). It also helps keep her pride in check. That pesky little hamster in her mind will whisper, “You might could do better, you know?”

And she’ll take a look at you, see your options, and think, “Nah, better not.”

Don’t Believe The Rumors

When it comes to men like Reynolds, I wouldn’t believe the rumors when they come up. Other notable men to add to that list include Jensen Ackles, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Donald Trump.

If you want to know how to handle your marriage well, study Reynolds. See how he behaves with his wife in public. Listen to her side of the story as well – there’s a lot to learn there. Listen, also, to what they say about how they act in private.

You’ll need to adapt, obviously, to your personality. Don’t try and be a witty quip-master like Ryan if you aren’t funny, or if your sarcasm is often just rude. It takes a good sense of comedy and good timing to be deft with wit. If you lack any one part, you’re just an asshole.

And as a final word of caution: If you try and copy Ryan exactly and don’t adjust for your personality, you may end up in Chris Pratt territory.

If you’re interested in a post on Pratt & Farris and why they split, let me know! It would serve as a great cautionary tale. Make sure to leave a comment below and share the article with your friends.

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