[From the priest Apaghoreth to his nephew in the old land, at the request of the boy’s mother. May these words find you well and instruct you as your father should have done.]

You will deal with many types of men in your life. In dealing with them, remember first kindness. When kindness fails you, remember silence. If silence fails you, remember then violence, and always remember bravery.

Kindness is free to give; and a kind heart
can suffocate the flames of anger.

Silence is free to keep; there can be no
argument where there are no words.

Violence is costly to give; All quarrels can
be stamped out by unrelenting force.

Greater than any sword or gift of gold
is a friend whom you can trust.

 It is a fool’s place to speak out of turn
and the silent man’s place to watch the fool whipped.

Never take a wife as her costs will not cease,
and her beauty will be fast fading.

Men speak many different languages,
and the words of beasts are unknown,
but force is understood by all.

A wise man understands that a woman’s desires
cannot be restrained; he knows her actions can be constrained.

Valuable is a silent man in a world of unbridled tongues.

Never swear, for an oath cannot be undone.

There is nothing worth fearing and plenty worth doing.

Even the greatest King in all Hyborea
has but a single day with which to work.

The man who tries to hold wealth without work
is like a man trying to hold water with an open hand.

If you give your word, give it by Crom’s name,
For he does not notice nor care about the affairs of men.

Infidelity is a disease;
and the unfaithful woman a curse to all who know her.

Never brag of your plans before they’re completed,
For Crom is malicious and his heart full of spite.

There can be no rest for a man who has yet to do work.

Music may calm the souls of women and children;
Yet men require blood and fight to remain virile.

A leech can suck poison from the blood,
but strife cannot be so easily pulled out of man.

There is no purpose in sleep and no man
can be filled completely with food.

Too much mead is worthless and turns men to fools;
Drink for courage if needed but tell no one of the purpose.

All schemes will be brought to light and vengeance
comes for all who stir pointless anger.

Some will find you and attempt to stir you up.
They will try and entice you to anger, and taunt you to violence.
Ignore these for they are worthless to you;
You gain nothing from them.
Deliver them a silent rebuke, and ask your peace of them
With a soft tongue; Do not give in to their lust for wrath.
But if you should fight with them, crush them wholly
Destroy their bodies, and consume their flesh.
Leave them as nothing but husk,
Worthless and fitting only for the heap.

Never swear by the name of Crom
For should he notice, he will hold you accountable;
And should you fail, he will destroy you.

A healer can cut away rotting flesh,
but hate is hard to pare from heart.

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