Mother’s Day Weekend is coming up. The best thing you can do for yourself (besides getting your mom a card) is day game. Day game fucking hard.

A lot of people tell you that you should be going out sarging and trying to get laid on New Years Eve, Thanksgiving Eve (because you have an alcohol problem), July 4th, Saint Paddy’s Day – any time when women will be out in abundance, getting absolutely shit-housed.

Sure, you can do that – but know that every other guy in the world is going to be doing that too. The real key to seduction, the number #1 secret that no one will tell you, is that you have to be smarter than the average bear.

Sure, you can go out on those days, but the competition is going to be absurd and women are going to be expecting men to approach in packs – why bother with all the hassle?

Try This Method Instead

The best way to increase your conversion rates and your close ratio is to think outside the box and approach when and where no one else is.  That is why all of you need to approach this Mother’s Day Weekend.

Shit. Yes.

Understand, this is not a day that women expect to be picked up, and this is not a day that most guys think about picking women up.  This puts you at a clear advantage!

The key to this whole thing, however, is going to be the approach.  You have a huge opportunity before you, all you have to do is see it, seize it, and make it work for you in the best possible way.

What I do for you in this book is show you exactly when and where you need to approach. I also give you a solid script so that you know exactly what to say.

I can promise that if you run the game laid out in this guide, you will snag a ton of numbers, get some serious dates, and – depending on whether or not you’re a Level 18 mPUA guru – get yourself a notch.

But you have to do this now!  You can’t waste time thinking about it, you can’t waste time dicking around considering the pros and cons, you can’t waste time! You need to memorize the routines in this book and then go out and use them!

This book will teach you:

  • Where to approach women.
    I will show you the prime spots – the best real estate – for approaches.  I will show you where you need to be and what you need to be doing in order to lure women in to talk to you.
  • When to approach them.
    I will show you when you need to start conversation with them. When they’re ready to be talked to!
  • How to approach them.
    How to start a conversation with them, and why some things work and other things don’t.
  • Best opening line.
    The best way to start an intriguing conversation with a girl in order to build some basic attraction and get her talking to you.  I will show you how to be a man she’s legitimately interested in, and not just another creepy loser.
  • Basic Rapport Building Routines.
    These are routines that I’ve personally developed and use frequently in my day game approaches. They are extremely powerful and can be used in a variety of situations.
  • Getting a phone number.
    When and how to grab her number 99% of the time.
  • How to Venue Bounce.
    Why venue changing is super important if you can do it, and how you can make it happen to get instant dates.

Not available forever.

I’m only keeping this book for sale through Sunday, May 13th – Mother’s Day. I’ll also only be honoring the half-price for a few weeks before moving it back to full price. So if you want the best deal on the book, get it sooner rather than later.

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