Several years ago I worked for a television production company. I was a contract camera operator. It was a sweet gig! The company would pay my travel to a concert or event, pay my hotel and meal costs, and give me $200 for the day’s work. I had a full time job and I would do the camera operations on my days off.

Besides the extra $600 a month I also got to have a lot of neat experiences. They paid me to attend every Trump, Hillary, and Bernie rally in the Eastern half of NC . I got a paycheck to go to seminars and conferences that other people were paying to attend. The concerts, though, were the best parts. I saw The Four Tops, Kool & The Gang, Gwen Stefani, Slipknot, Motionless In White, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, and a host of others.

On one occasion in Charlotte I had the experience of seeing Counting Crows live. Let me say: I’m a huge metal head and music fan in general. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts in my life. Most of them have been good, a few have been great, and a small number of them have been not as good.

Counting Crows was the worst show I’ve ever seen in my life.

It doesn’t help that Adam Duritz is a fat slob who always looks uncomfortable and dirty

Lead singer Adam Duritz spent the whole show acting like he was high on weed. He had an odd depressed demeanor and bouts of mania that made me worried for his mental health. He forgot quite a lot of the lyrics to most of the songs, and they had to restart two different songs. It was awful.

Without a doubt worst parts were the breaks between songs! During these breaks Duritz explained why he wrote each song. A different woman who broke his heart appeared to inspire every song. It seems that once they broke his heart he would go on to write a song about how sad he was.

Another famous musician who is unlucky in love is Mr. Josh Groban. Mr. Groban has dated countless beautiful women and yet never seems to make anything stick.

He’s spoken in many interviews about how he is struggling to find “true love”. He says that things never seem to work out with him.

I have a personal friend who has never quite managed to get a woman to date him. He’s gone on dates, for sure, but rarely moves beyond the first one. He considers himself deep-minded and a philosopher, but in reality he’s an idealist. He pedestalizes women and the notion of “love” (like Duritz, and Groban, and millions of other men).

He always laments that he can never get a woman to stay with him. Or worse, when one does, he pushes them away because he doesn’t feel what he imagines love feels like. The irony compounds further when you realize he hasn’t been in love so he doesn’t know what it feels like.

He – and many of you – would argue that he’s loved from a distance. Fallen in love with a woman he could never have – love unrequited.

What does this have to do with being creepy?

Well here’s the thing, bro: Creepy doesn’t mean creepy.

See, girls and men have different definitions of the word. A guy thinks clowns with chainsaws are creepy. A guy thinks Charles Manson is creepy. A guy thinks pedophiles are creepy.

Girls don’t think creepy things are creepy. The things a guy considers creepy a girl considers scary (or sexy — because girls are demented).

What does the “creepy” mean when girls say it? Simple. It means weak. When a girl calls a guy creepy, what she really means is, “he makes my vagina drier than the Mojave.” What she really means is, “He came across as desperate and needy.”

You hear creepy and you think Pennywise the Clown. A girl hears creepy and thinks, “Oh, he lives in his mom’s basement.”

“I also live with my mom!” – Pennwise, probably.

Girls hate needy, desperate men. Why? Because if you’re needy and desperate it means you struggle to get laid. And if you struggle to get laid, it means your children will also struggle to get laid. Since her goal is it live into eternity — to reproduce — she can’t produce weak children.

What does she do when you come across as a less-than-desirable mate choice? She smears you using the word “creepy” so you’ll leave her alone. Her public shaming of you puts distance between you. This makes sure you back off so she can preserve her social status. This way she can still attract a higher status mate than you.

Duritz and Groban still have access to high value mate choices thanks to status and wealth. But even their money can’t cover up their neediness. Both are desperate, and neither of them have had a significant relationship with a woman. Neither one of them has been able to father a child. The money and fame can cover the neediness for a time, but not forever (so don’t think you can get rich and do what you want).

Debunking A Few Love Myths

Contrary to popular belief, a girl doesn’t care about how sweet or how romantic you are. A girl cares about your confidence, your strength, and your power. She doesn’t want salvation; she wants thrill. Sell your minivan, you pussy! You’re better off with a Harley.

Girls don’t want a safe guy, because safe is weak, and weak is creepy.

Girls don’t want a romantic guy. Romantic is weak, and weak is creepy.

Girls want adventure! They want thrill, excitement, danger! They want to feel a certain tingle in their loins. And you’ll never get there by playing the nice guy card.

You would be less ‘creepy’ to a girl if you admitted the truth we all know: You don’t want to cuddle, you want to fuck. It’s cool, man! We all get it, we’ve all been there. You need a solid lay, that’s no problem. But trying to disguise your intent makes you look weak. And weak is creepy.

Will you get laid if you go up to a girl and say, “Hey, I’m Rick, and I want to fuck your brains out”? Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t say for sure.

All I can say for sure is that you will never get even the slightest interest if you say things like, “I’m looking for a best friend.”

That’s because it’s bullshit. You know it. I know it. She knows it. Remember: Honesty is the best policy.

To Recap: Creepy means weak.

When a girl says you’re creepy, she isn’t saying you remind her of a clown with a chainsaw, or a pedophile. What she’s really saying is you’re a beta male. You’re weak. You aren’t her best option. She’s saying you don’t remind her enough of her father.

Trying to be sweet, sensitive, and romantic are the key to her heart, they’re the guy to getting Next’d. They make you look weak. And weak is creepy.

Instead you should be stoic and indifferent. You should be confident. You should be a dragon slaying, pussy pounding, Harley riding bad ass who won’t be happy until he burns hell down around him.

If a girl calls you creepy, you’re making the simple mistake of being nice. They don’t want nice, they don’t want romantic — they want action and adventure.

How can you apply this?

If you text a girl, try and keep your text to under three words. If she doesn’t text back, delete her number. If she texts back after a long period of time (say, a day or more), reply with, “who is this?”

Don’t engage her when she comes to you with problems. Listen, be indifferent, walk away. Give the impression that you care about her, but not her bullshit.

If she tries to mock you or shit test you, ignore her. This is the wailing of an undisciplined child. It’s the acting out of a small dog who hasn’t yet learned not to piss on the carpet.

And finally, whatever you do, do not ever post about your love woes on Facebook. It’s weak. And weak is creepy. And also, no one actually gives a shit about you. Or your problems. In fact, delete your Facebook.

So there! You’re welcome. I have shown you how to not be creepy.